What Is a Domain Name? |

In a day and age where the development of technology is endless and its integration with our day-to-day lives continues to accelerate rapidly, a company's migration to the online world is essential to its growth and success.
The internet serves as a sort of "global village," connecting all the places in the world. To uplift and strengthen your company, you need to stand out in the digital world and sustain a successful online ranking status. A strong online presence is your audience's point of reference to the relevance and reputation of your business, and is imperative to staying competitive in today's online markets. Beside social media platforms, setting up and maintaining a website is a key part of developing a solid online presence for your company.
A domain name refers to a website's base network address. Considering the role a website plays for a business, a domain name is like an office space. The nicer and more professional your office space is, the mo…